Reef LED Lights specializes in high performance reef and planted aquariums. Our LED Kits are designed to only use safe and efficient energy technologies. We only recommend the highest quality cost effective components. Technical choices are thus made, but our primary consideration is the preservation and propagation of marine species dependent on photosynthesis. We have tested our Kits since 2007 in our reef facilities and have verified similar if not better growth than aquariums using Metal Halide or T5 lighting. In addition to excellent growth our kits are much safer than T5 or Metal Halide lighting because much less heat is generated, our LED Drivers are Class II and the lights themselves are low voltage dc and can be made water resistant.

Our Fixtures are manufactured domestically…Not Imported from China!.. We choose only the best parts available and apply innovative thermal management, optical maximization and spectrum optimization to provide Industry leading efficiency and ultimate looks and growth.

Our engineering team is currently engaged in developing revolutionary control and lighting management for the Marine and Fresh Water Aquarium.

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Our website is geared for sales and information. The selection of efficient lighting is an important decision. In many ways it is a balancing act between budget, looks, growth and level of automation. Please take time to explore the site and our various informational pages. Our Kits and components are designed to be modular so you have the ultimate flexibility to adapt your lighting for future needs. If after researching our facts pages and numerous online forums and are still uncertain of your lighting needs, please contact us through email, phone or our contact us form. We will respond in a timely manner and offer solutions and options the help you achieve the ultimate reef or planted aquarium.

Reef LED Lights



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