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    Reef LED Lights is an American Company that specializes in the best high performance Reef and Horticulture LED Lighting. As reef hobbyist, we are all about reef tanks and growing corals. We have tested our Kits since 2007 over live coral reef tanks, some are still growing strong after 10 years. Indoor Horticulture can be as challenging as Reef Aquarium. Both require intense light and proper spectrum. Our LED Kits and Fixtures are designed to replace Metal Halide lighting. Our Sirius XTC LED Fixture can produce the same intensity as a 400 watt MH while consuming only 160 watts and producing very little heat. The XTC Reef at 100% offers a spectrum similar to a 10K MH Bulb. The XTC Plant is similar to a 6.5K Bulb while highlighting the 620-670nm range for optimum growth.  We manufacture our Fixtures here in the USA and do not import or sell Generic Chinese Fixtures. This assures the highest quality, performance and longevity of your fixture. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and available to answer your questions. If you’re designing an indoor grow garden or SPS Reef Tank, please feel free to contact us. [metaslider id=7743]

    Our Mission

    A company founded by reefers, to support reefers. We make the most of Reef LED lighting for the aquarium world by analyzing spectrum and its affect on Corals for best growth and sustainability using our Aquarium LED Lights.

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