Sirius XTC DIY Build Guide

Sirius XTC DIY Build Guide

Product Description

This is our Sirius XTC Fixture using the proven CRI47 LED Board, but without the expense of a housing and its Thermal Management. The Kit is packaged in an unassembled DIY version for ultimate cost savings. We designed this Kit to be as basic and cost effective as possible. Given the performance and quality of the parts it is a much better option than a “Black Box fixture with unlabeled electrical components and an unknown spectrum. The XTC DIY Kit is designed to be mounted in an existing hood or stand alone. All 9 Led Terminals are labeled and arranged in nine Channels:

-CH1 6 Cree XT-E Royal Blue 450-455NM

-CH2 6 Cree XT-E Royal Blue 450-455NM

-CH3 4 Cree XT-E Cool White

-CH4 2 Cree XT-E Warm White

-CH5 6 Semi P2NU Violet/UV 410-420NM

-CH6 2 Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660NM

-CH7 7 Cree XP-E2 Red 630-640NM

-CH8 7 Cree XP-E2 Green 520-535NM

-CH9 7 Cree XP-E2 Blue 465-475NM

This combination of LEDs is unique as it provides a complete full spectrum. We say its unique as we were one of the first companies to incorporate the RGB concept into a Grow/Reef Light. The RGB Clusters primary purpose is to give the Reef Keeper ultimate flexibility in tuning their light to provide the best look. Every coral is different and some look better with a tad more green…Others with a tad more Red…The Blue is a Grow spectrum in corals along with the Red and some aspects the Green…Together the RGB provides a crisp white light augmenting CH3&CH4. No other fixture offers you this level of tunability and optimizes light wave propagation properties to achieve an highly efficient fixture.

The Drivers are the proven and efficient MeanWell LDD Drivers. We recommend using the Storm Driver Board and Storm or Storm X controller. The Storm Controller in our opinion is one of the best and most reliable aquarium light controllers available. For more info click here Storm Controller 

Performance is over 500 PAR @ 24″ with Carclo Optics. This is better than a 400 watt Radium and close to twice the PAR of the Ecotech Radion.  The XTC uses only 150-160 watts which is close to 1/3 the consumption of a 400 watt MH and less than the Ecotech Radium.

Assembly is very easy with our step by step online instructions. Build time is 60-120 minutes depending on how much time you spend organizing the wires in your Cabinet.


12″ Custom Drilled and Tapped Heatsink

CRI47 Reef LED Circuit Board

2 LDD 1000mA Drivers ( Note: If you want a driver for each channel add 2 LDD 1000mA drivers for CH 3 and CH4)

5 LDD 700mA

Solderless Driver Boards or HW Drivers

Choice of Carclo Optics or Wide Angle Reflectors for optimal efficiency.

Build materials

Note: Fan is optional but requires…A clean flow canopy fan works but we recommend a 12omm computer fan blowing down on the heatsink…Multiple smaller fans offer greater cooling and redundancy.



–Start with placing thermal paste behind each LED.  Each kits or set of kits is provided enough thermal paste and some extra to provide the contact necessary to optimize the heat transfer from the LED Array to the Heatsink.

–Screw the LED Array to the Heatsink…Screws are either 6-32 or 8-32…Do Not Over Tighten… Only a compressed fit between the LED Array and Heat sink is required to spread the thermal compound evenly between all gaps in the metal.

LEDs are simple. All you have to do is connect the + of the LED to the + of the Driver and then the same for the-

The Sirius XTC Fixture was designed to be a 24VDC fixture with 9 Drivers. To reduce the cost of the XTC DIY kit we eliminated two drivers and changed the voltage to 48VDC. At 24VDC the Mean Well LDD driver can drive up to 7 LEDs at 48VDC it can drive up to 15 Cree LEDs. CH1 and CH2 are your 6 XT-E Royal Blue LEDs. First you would connect these together by connecting the – of CH1 to the + of CH2.  Do the same by connecting CH3 and CH4. These are your XT-E Whites.

 Use the 20ga Red Wire and connect this to the + of CH1 and the 20ga Black Wire to the – of CH2.  Then connect the Red Wire to the Yellow Wire on the LDD HW Driver. The Black Goes to the Green Wire. If you have the Storm Controller and Driver Board you would use the Two Driver board and connect the Red Wire from CH1+ to the LED 1 + and the Black Wire from CH2- to the LED 1- on the Driver Board.

Below is an overall pic from Coralux providing a general overview of wiring the Storm Controller, LDD Driver Board, Powersupply and LEDs

The standard XTC DIY Kit with LDD H Circuit Boards comes with a two driver board for CH1&2 and CH3&4. Use the 1000mA LDD Drivers. The Kit also includes a 6 Driver Circuit Board, This is for the 700mA and CH5-CH9. One spare slot #6 is open to power a refugium if one chooses at a later date. Keep in mind the total power draw of your powersupply.

Both Driver Circuit Boards should be wired as shown in the above pic and each PWM control output can be split to control multiple circuits. You need to ensure the Controller is properly connected to the GND of the driver board. The Boards also have a resistor built in so without a PWM signal the Drivers will not come on.