The ultimate in performance, reliability and cost savings. The XTC is the best cost effective option to light your Plants or Corals. Unlike Generic Chinese Import Fixtures the XTC uses Binned Cree 5 Watt LEDs and Mean Well LDD Drivers for maximum performance. The LED Board is Conformally Coated to resist moisture and salt water. Optics are Optimized for for Performance. Unlike an Import Fixture the XTC is very easily serviceable. In the unlikely failure of a component a couple years down the road, the part is easily replaced. Given the Life span of the Cree X Series LED this fixture will provide optimum lighting for 5-7 years…



Spectrum optimized for coral growth and color rendition.  7 RGB LED Clusters offer maximum flexibility in colour tuning to achieve the best coral looks.

Controls allow for full dimmability down to 0% with the Max Intensity (PAR) of a 400 watt MH equivalent with the Optional Storm Controller

Our LEDs are specifically binned for optimal performance and tunability.

LEDs are Conformal Coated to give them enhanced longevity in a salt water enviroment.

Over 600 PAR @ 24″ and over 2600 PAR at 12″…Almost Twice the Power of the Ecotech Radion

Optics are optimized for penetration while limiting that nuisance spill of light.

2,700 K to 20,000 K depending on intensity setting and LED array combinations.

Perfect for SPS, Clams, and LPS


-12 XT-E Royal Blue Binned D36 or 37

-4 XT-E Cool White Binned 7.5K R4 or R5

-2 XT-E Warm White Binned R4 or R5

-6 Semi 410-420 NM  Min. luminous flux (radiometric power) 925mW@ 700mA

-2 XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm

-7 XP-E2 Red, Green & Blue RGB for ultimate colour control

Direct replacement for a 400 watt MH with High Efficient Ripple Wide Optics. 400 watt equivalent coverage is 24″x24″ on a 30″ deep Tank…No other Domestic or quality LED Fixture comes close to this performance.

MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION less than 200 Watts with TWICE the PAR of other LED fixtures on the market AND MORE THAN 40% efficient than Hybrid LED with T5-HO or Metal Halide with T5-HO fixtures.

Each Sirius XTC DIY Kit covers approximately 24″ x 24″ with enough PAR to keep our clams happy on the sand bed! When hung 12″ over a 30″ deep tank PAR on the sand bed is over 200 PAR

Maximum recommended coverage is 36×36 for softies and low light corals when hung 42″ over the sand bed with ripple wide optics.


-Ripple Wide Optics…Max Penetration

-Wide Angle Reflectors…Max Coverage

-No Optics…For Shallow Canopies

-Regular LDD HW Drivers…No Controller Needed Default is 100% On

– LDD H Drivers w Storm Driver Board…For Storm Controller


12″ Drilled and Tapped Heatsink

Conformal Coated XTC LED Board

Mean Well LDD Drivers x 7

Mean Well Powersupply

Thermal Paste

2o Ga Wire and Hardware

Optional Optics


-LDD Driver Board requires no soldering but needs a 5VDC PWM input to turn on. Default is off.

-Fan Required but Not Included

-We recommend either the Storm or Storm X Controllers


Additional information


Carclo Ripple Wide, Carclo Wide Angle Reflectors, No Optics


Mean Well LDD H w Driver Board, Mean Well LDD HW Drivers