Storm X Controller


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For large scale LED installations, look no further than the Storm X LED Controller. It takes all the features of the Storm LED Controller and delivers 10 extra PWM channels – for a total of 16 PWM outputs, each running at 12-bit resolution to deliver 4096 levels of buttery-smooth dimming.

The LCD backlight is driven through a 2N222 NPN transistor – this means that we have PWM control of the backlight, so that it is bright when you need it, and dim when you’re away. Furthermore we weren’t fully satisfied with the smoothness of the input encoder, so we implemented a filter circuit to ensure that each and every minute input is properly registered with the controller.

What does this all mean for your reef tank? Flawless control over all aspects of lightning. From geolocated sunrise and sunsets, precise delays to stagger the ramp times of each output, immensely smooth transitions via SmoothRamp dimming, to cloud and lightning effects, your lighting needs are fulfilled.

If you’re interested in modifying or updating the firmware, take a look at this firmware update tutorial to see what it’s all about.

  • 16×2 Character LCD Display
  • 16-channel 12-bit PWM (0-5V)
  • 4096 Dimming Levels
  • Real-Time Clock Module
  • Manual Sunrise/Sunset Time
  • Geolocated Sunrise/Sunset
  • Staggered Sunrise/Set Delays
  • Moon/Lunar Phase Simulation
  • Intuitive Wheel Interface
  • SmoothRamp Dimming
  • SmoothRamp Clouds
  • Cloud Channel Clustering
  • Lightning Storm Effects
  • Upgradeable via FTDI
  • Arduino Compatible
  • PC Fan Control
  • Auto-dimming LCD

Storm X PDF

Storm X Firmware Zip