Storm Controller


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The Storm LED Controller is designed from the ground up to be the best LED Control solution for small to medium-sized installations. It has the capability to control up to six independent strings of LEDs, 50% more than any competing product in its class. What’s more, Coralux has gone the extra mile to make the user interface as intuitive as possible.

Tell the Storm LED Controller the coordinates of the environment you want to simulate, and it will precisely match the actual sunrise and sunset times of that environment. Sunrise and sunset dimming is done via an industry-first SmoothRamp dimming profile, closely approximating the actual  sunrise and sunset characteristics found in nature. One goal is to replicate the actual light intensity and spectrum of the reef. Both the Storm and Storm X do this extremely well.

If you want to deviate from a natural intensity schedule you have the ability to teak the intensity and dim cycle of each channel to optimize growth or acclimate a coral that was abused with inadequate lights.

  • 16×2 Character LCD Display
  • 6-Channel 8-Bit PWM (0-5V)
  • 256 Dimming Levels
  • Real-Time Clock Module
  • Manual Sunrise/Sunset Time
  • Geolocated Sunrise/Sunset
  • Staggered Sunrise/Set Delays
  • Moon/Lunar Phase Simulation
  • Intuitive Wheel Interface
  • SmoothRamp Dimming
  • SmoothRamp Clouds
  • Cloud Channel Clustering
  • Lightning Storm Effects
  • Upgradeable via FTDI
  • PC Fan Control
  • Arduino Compatible

Note: Jumper Cables are included

PDF Data Sheet: Storm-Controller-Manual