Sirius XTC Hydroponic LED Fixture

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Sirius XTC 


  • Spectrum optimized for coral growth and color rendition.
  • Housing optimized for maximum thermal efficiency both active AND passive.
  • Controls allow for full dimmability down to 0% with the Max Intensity (PAR) of a 400 watt MH equivalent.
  • Our LEDs are specifically binned for optimal performance and tunability.
  • Over 600 PAR @ 24″ and over 2600 PAR at 12″
  •  Super quiet fans with Temperature Overwatch and TSC Temperature Sensitive Control
  • The XTC protects itself in the following manor…If the temperature exceeds 60C (140F)–LEDs dim to 15% of their original brightness–Fans are powered to maximum.-This level is sustained until temperature drops below 50C (122F), then normal operation resume.
  • Optics are optimized for penetration while limiting that nuisance spill of light.
  • 2,700 K to 10,000 K depending on intensity setting and LED array combinations.
  • Perfect for growing plants indoors without the heat or electrical consumption. 

Direct replacement for a 400 watt MH with High Efficient Ripple Wide Optics. 400 watt equivalent coverage is 24″x24″ on a 30″ deep Tank…No other Domestic or quality LED Fixture comes close the this performance.

MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION 200 Watts with TWICE the PAR of other LED fixtures on the market AND MORE THAN 40% efficient than Hybrid LED with T5-HO or Metal Halide with T5-HO fixtures.**

Each Sirius XTC fixture covers approximately 24″ x 24″ with enough PAR to keep our clams happy on the sand bed! When hung 12″ over a 30″ deep tank PAR on the sand bed is 120 with default settings!!

Maximum coverage 36×36 for softies and low light corals when hung 42″ over the sand bed with ripple wide optics.

Wide angle reflectors are available for applications close to the water surface and penetration is 24″ or less is required.



Primary Binned LEDs w European Optics

Supplemental Spectrum LEDs arranged in seven clusters of three with each color having its own dedicated channel for ULTIMATE SPECTRUM CONTROL!

Based on our research, documented and supported by numerous Botanists, our  Primary Binned LEDs, offer optimal growth.

Our innovative 3 channel RGB supplemental arrays allow the end user to customize his or her lights perfectly to suit their taste.

We give you complete control to enhance the viewing experience and pleasure of your in-home garden.

You can also change the spectrum to induce early budding.

Choice of Case Colors Please note in the Order Remarks.


  • Obsidian Black
  • Arctic White
  • White Diamond (Silver Mirrored)

Out of Stock / Backordered will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

For Custom Color Options, please inquire by contacting us.

2 year limited liability warranty Parts and Labor 3 year Parts…

Please note preferred colour in ordering notes …

**WARNING!!!**: If replacing Power Compact, T5 Lighting, or any other LOWER PAR UNIT(s)   PLEASE dial this Sirius XTC fixture back, or you may risk shocking your corals and livestock!!! Once acclimated your corals will have the best intensity and spectrum available in a LED Fixture on the market TODAY.

1 review for Sirius XTC Hydroponic LED Fixture

  1. CaliGro

    Very satisfied with the Sirius XTC Hydroponic. I have not spoke with anyone who used these lights for this purpose but after sending a 1000 questions to reefledlights I decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t believe I pulled over 10 Oz with two plants last grow, and am looking at that much or more this grow with just one plant. I have learned that you can get more bud with just one plant with the right light, if you train / top / firm the right amount of times. You don’t need to grow 3 or 4 plants to get a pound, and you don’t need a large Tent. Right now I am in a 9 sq ft tent, but am getting a 6 1/2 sq ft later this week. That way there will be more light in a smaller amount of space, and the buds will get even bigger. I am thinking about ordering the 2 XTC kits since I really don’t need the Pretty case it comes in and using it in my 9ft tent. Last grow I grew several 17 grams cola’s, and am looking for bigger one’s this grow. I wanted to put in a picture, but there is no where for attachments. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    • TokinBlackGuy

      I would really love to see the grow. I am actually in the market for some lights its getting way too hot in the tent and with summer just around the corner this looks to be the best thing out there. I’ve been asking a lot of questions also and was told that it works exceptionally well; I think they were talking about you. I am so glad that I seen your review, I am ordering 2 of the kits right NOW!!!

    • Bill

      The Hydroponic fixture was designed for plants highlighting the 410-460nm and emphasizing the 600-670nm to optimize photosynthesis. Of course plants use all available light and the RGB clusters offer a complete full spectrum. We’ve expermentet with many LED options for indoor plant growth and found that Cumbers gravitate their growth towards our optimized fixture..To be specific our grow area has the Cree CXA 2530 mixed with 3&5.5K and the Hydro fixture on the sides…The CXA 2530 does grow but the optimized XTC is prefered based on plant growth/orientation.

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