PAR Meter Rental + Deposit


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Know for sure what you light output is… The Proof Is In The Pudding.

LEDs are bright. Use this meter to dial your lights in for accurate acclimation.

If your replacing T5 or PC Bulbs a start reference is paramount to the healthy acclimation of your corals.

Rent our Apogee Quantum Flux PAR Meter for only $35 the first week plus shipping.

Take a reading with your old lights, adjust your new LEDs to the appropriate level then use the return label its that easy.

The probe is water proof so you can measure the light inside your tank.

The $335deposit will be refundes once the meter is returned. This includes return shipping. If you are unsure of your postal carrier please add insurance. After four weeks this charge will stay and the meter will be considered sold.

Once we receive the meter back. A refund will be issued less the shipping and $25 per week charge. If you are in possession of the meter for one week $334 will be refunded. Two weeks $319 will be refunded, four weeks $259 will be refunded. This is after this the meter is received. If you ship back the meter within 1 week your total cost is only $25 plus shipping.

We have a limited number of these please return it as soon as your done..If you keep the meter the deposit will not be refunded.

The Meter ships in its own USPS small Flat Rate Box. Keep the box and packing material. Repackage once your done and use the return shipping label


LEDs are brighter than advertised. Lower you start point by at least 10-20% below your current lights.

Meter rental is a first come first serve basis. Your payment is a deposit on the meter and to make things simple your turn in line.

An out of stock means all meters are currently rented and by placing your order you are next in line.

The Customer is responsible for the safe return of the meter. If the meter is damaged while rented, the meter is considered purchased. The rental time starts once the meter is delivered, and ends the day its shipped back. If the meter is never returned, lost before being shipped back, damaged by flood, hurricane, locust swarm or evil biting Clarkii Clownfish…The meter is considered sold and the deposit is forfeited.

By adding this to your cart you are accepting the rental terms of this meter.

Due to the popularity of Meter Rentals average wait time is 2-3 weeks if out of stock.

Info Link: Par Meter Facts

PDF Manual: Par Meter PDF