Makers LED Controller


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The MakersCONTROLLER works in combination with the MakersDRIVER (5Up Pro, 2Up Pro) to create sunrise, sunset and other special effects throughout the day.


– Works exclusively with the MakersLED MakersDRIVER PRO series (5Up Pro, 2Up Pro)
– Simulates sunrise, sunlight, sunset, and moonlight
– Up to 5 Channels of Independent Control
— Up to 4 Channels when used with 2 MakersDRIVER 2UP Pro drivers
— 5 Channels when used with the MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro
• Special effects include lunar cycle, noon peak, storms with lightning, and cloud cover
• Provides a single remote control point to a virtually unlimited number of MakersDRIVERs*
• Demo/Preview mode provides a means to quickly scroll through every minute of the day
• Installation is as simple as plugging in a single cable into the MakersDRIVER
– Powered from the MakersDRIVER – requires no external power source or additional cables
• Integrated clips to mount to the side of the MakersLED heatsink
• Integrated screw tabs for wall mounting and hanging
• Simple programming & menu structure
One MakersCONTROLLER with integrated 10ft Cable
Two 3.5mm 18in Data Cables (for daisy chaining multiple MakersDRIVERs)
Not Included:
MakersDRIVER, Power Supply, Wall Mounting Hardware*Each MakersDRIVER acts as an active signal repeater. The MakersCONTROLLER has been tested with 21 MakersDRIVERs using 1.5ft and 24ft cables cables.