Makers 5Up Pro


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The MakersDRIVER 5UP PRO takes building finished DIY LED fixtures to a new level by simplifying power connections and providing multiple options for dimming control.


• MakersDRIVER 5UP PRO, with Overlay Cover
• Works seamlessly with the inexpensive Makers Controller
• 5 Mean Well LDD Driver Slots
• Docks into the MakersLED Heatsink (Original and Slim Versions)
• Drives up to 70 Cree X Series LEDs up to 1000mA (45V available per channel)
• 5 channels of dimming (14 LEDs/channel)
• Manual dimming interface (requires accessory board, sold separately)
• Multiple external control options available:
– Data interface with MakersCONTROLLER lighting controller (addressable to 5 channels)
– Accepts 0-10V DC analog lighting control signal (requires accessory board, sold separately)
• Daisy chain multiple MakersDRIVERS back to a MakersCONTROLLER
• Powers one 12v Fan (250mA, no extra fan power supply needed!)
• Fan failure detection – Flashes LEDs to alert failure (if fan is detected upon start-up)
• Sockets provided for Meanwell LDD drivers allow for removal, upgrade and replacement
• Utilizes inexpensive 48V DC power supplies (not Included)
• Fused for added electrical safety
• May co-exist with MakersDRIVER 2Up PRO when used with MakersCONTROLLER
• 90 day warranty*

Not Included (check with your vendor!):

• 5 700mA Mean Well LDD Driver or 1000mA LDD Driver
• 1 48V Power supply
• Fan Power Source
• LEDs

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