LuxDrive 3023-D-E-700P

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The 3023 BuckPuck LED Power Module is a true current regulated driver for powering LEDs. The BuckPuck line of LED drivers are the ideal choice for powering all types of high-brightness and high-power LED Packages and LED arrays.

BuckPuck LED drivers exhibit high efficiency and require no external current limiting resistors or additional heat sinking for operation. A fast response current-sensing circuit makes the 3023 ideal for applications where ashing or strobe operation of the LED(s) is required.

A wide range of options are available including external dc analog voltage intensity control, TTL/CMOS logic level on/o control (“E” Version), and set-and-forget internal current limiting (“I” Version). The standard units are fully potted in an extremely small form factor and are provided with a simple 7 pin SIP connection for through-hole PCB mounting (3021) or 6″ 24AWG Colored Leads (3023).

The 3021 and 3023?s built-in regulated 5V reference (E and I versions) can provide output to power logic circuitry or microprocessor, eliminating the need for an additional power supply on the circuit board.

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Max Output Current: 700mA

Drives up to 6 Cree X series LEDs

Max Input Voltage: 32VDC

Min Input Voltage: 7DVC

6″ 24ga Wire

External Dimming Control with Potentiometer

Output Short Circuit Protection up to 15 Seconds

Output Open Circuit Ptotection

ROHS Compliant

Lead Free