‘Basilisk’ Expandable Sheathing, Wire Management 3/8″


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We now offer one of the highest quality fray resistent expandable sheathing on the market.

Expandable braided sleeving is similar to “Chinese Finger Cuffs” that we’ve all gotten trapped in.
When you push one end to compress it, the sleeving expands to allow the wires to easily pass thru. When you release the sheathing it will attempt to retract to its original diameter and keep your wires nicely bundled and manageable.

If you want a cleaner look you can put heatshrink tubing over the end of the sheathing to hide the cut.

  • Continuous use temperature of -70°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F)
  • Melt temperature of 260°C (500°F)
  • Expands up to three times its resting diameter
  • Halogen Free, ROHS compliant

3/8 has a minimum expansion of 1/4 and a maximum of 1/2
It can accommodate up to 10x 20gauge wires

When you order be sure to accommodate for extra because as you expand the sheathing it gets shorter by a few inch’s.
If you are only ordering wire sheathing use code “smbox” at checkout

Once this order is placed it cannot be modified nor returned since it is custom cut to order.


Sold By the foot


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