Deluxe 250 Phoenix LED Kit

$362.29 $319.43

The Phoenix 250 offers over 50% more PAR than standard commercial reef lighting. Coverage is greater and is optimized for a 24-30″ wide tank 30″ Deep when mounted 12-18″ over the water. Total power consumption with all LEDs at full power is only 166 watts.

Two are perfect for any 4 foot long tank. The LEDs are fully controllable with an optional storm controller.

Online Build Instructions and Free Tech Support available. No Soldering, No messy gluing on optics and very easy to build.

Cree XT-E Royal Blue 450nm × 14

Use this LED as your primary grow LED for Corals and Macro Algae.

We choose the specific Bin of this LED that offers optimal actinic colour pop and intensity. We only accept this LED in D37/37 and Intensity Bin P01/Q01, Other Intensity Bins commonly found can be 20% dimmer.

$2.85 $2.57 / pc.

Out of stock

Cree XP-E2 Blue × 4

Crees 3 Watt XP-E2 Blue is a great Moon Light and like the Royal Blue it does have a significant effect on photosynthesis. It is best used to bring out certain coral colours along with enhancing photosynthesis. Our recommendation for looks and growth is a 4-6:1 ratio of Royal Blue to Blue. We only accept the top two intensity bins so you are assured to receive only the highest intensity available. 465-485nm

$3.45 $3.11 / pc.

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Cree XT-E Premium Cool White LED × 8

The XT-E offers similar performance to the XP-G but a lower cost. The Premium Cool White has a spectrum between 7.5-8K. This is less common than the warmer more yellow (5.5-6.5K) bins and allows for a crisp white not the yellow look

$3.30 $2.97 / pc.

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Cree XT-E Warm White LED × 4

With our "Cree XT-E Warm White LED" we use  only the best available Bins of LEDs. Each Bin is stamped on the back of our high end stars to guarantee customer satisfaction.The Warm White has a spectrum of 3K; this allows you recreate the light found in the very shallow reef for a maximum performance rate. Using a couple Warms highlight certain pigments and allows for a full spectrum look. The Cree XT-E offers a similar performance to the XP-G but at a much lower price.

$3.20 $2.88 / pc.

Out of stock

Hyper Violet UV LEDs × 10

$4.60 $4.14 / pc.

In stock

BJB Solderless LED Connector - Cree × 44

12 Solderless Connector For Cree XP-G XT-E, XP-E and similar LEDs mounted to the standard 20mm Star. 4-40 Mounting Hardware Included. Uses 20ga Solid Wire. Easily Add Optics (Not Included)

$0.88 $0.75 / pc.

Out of stock

BJB Optics Holder × 44

$0.35 $0.30 / pc.

Out of stock

Carclo 10209 Ripple Wide Optics × 44

$0.98 $0.83 / pc.

Out of stock

Artic Alumina 14g

$9.95 $8.96

Out of stock

Mean Well LDD 1000HW × 3

$7.95 $7.16 / pc.

Out of stock

Mean Well LDD 700HW × 3

$7.95 $7.16 / pc.

Out of stock

The Medusa × 2

$3.95 $3.16 / pc.

Out of stock

Solid Core 20g Black Wire (Solderless Kits)

$3.00 $2.40

Mean Well RS150 48VDC Power Supply

$34.50 $31.05

Out of stock

CREE XP-E2 Red 3W LED On Star × 4

The latest most efficient Red LED /630nm by Cree. Our LEDs are domestically sourced with the exact bin printed on the back of each 20mm Star.


$3.55 $3.20 / pc.

Out of stock

4-40 Black Allen Head Screws Bag of 50 × 2

$2.50 $2.00 / pc.

Out of stock

4-40 Nuts Qty50 × 2

$1.95 $1.56 / pc.

Out of stock

Out of stock


This LED Kit was specifically designed to replace a 250 Watt MH Light. The LEDs are Driven by the Mean Well LDD Driver and are dimmable with a PWM Controller. LEDs are specifically binned to optimize coral growth while enhancing looks. T-Slot Heatsinks and BJB Solderless Connectors are used for easy assembly. Perfect for the Makers Heatsink. Coverage is 24″-30″ with about 175 PAR measured at the bottom of a 30″ Deep Tank

Kit Includes:

15 XT-E Royal Blue @ 1000mA

8 XT-E Cool White @1000mA

4 XT-E Warm White @1000mA

10 Semi P2nU 420nm Violet @ 700mA

4 XP-E2 Red @700mA

6 XP-E2 Blue @700mA

47 Cree BJB Solderless Connectors

47 Optic Holders

47 Carclo 10209 Ripple Wide Optics

100 Allen Head Screws

1 14G Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

3 Mean Well LDD 1000HW Drivers

3 Mean Well LDD 700HW Drivers

2 Eurostyle Terminal Block

1 25 Feet 20 Ga Black Wire

1 48VDC Mean Well Powersupply


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