Sirius XTC Reef LED Fixture

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Sirius XTC

A Full Spectrum LED Light designed and Made in the USA for the serious Reef Keeper.

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Sirius XTC 


  • Spectrum optimized for coral growth and color rendition.
  • Housing optimized for maximum thermal efficiency both active AND passive.
  • Controls allow for full dimmability down to 0% with the Max Intensity (PAR) of a 400 watt MH equivalent.
  • Our LEDs are specifically binned for optimal performance and tunability.
  • Over 600 PAR @ 24″ and over 2600 PAR at 12″
  •  Super quiet fans with Temperature Overwatch and TSC Temperature Sensitive Control
  • Temperature values are hard-coded in the firmware. Fans may fail due to salt creep or excessive humidity.
  • The XTC protects itself in the following manor…If the temperature exceeds 60C (140F)–LEDs dim to 15% of their original brightness–Fans are powered to maximum.-This level is sustained until temperature drops below 50C (122F), then normal operation resume.
  • Optics are optimized for penetration while limiting that nuisance spill of light.
  • 2,700 K to 20,000 K depending on intensity setting and LED array combinations.
  • Perfect for SPS, Clams, LPS, and most importantly, YOU! 


12 XT-E Royal Blue Binned D36 or 37

4 XT-E Cool White Binned 7.5K R4 or R5

2 XT-E Warm White Binned R4 or R5

6 Semi 410-420 NM  Min. luminous flux (radiometric power) 925mW@ 700mA

2 XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm

7 XP-E2 Red, Green & Blue RGB for ultimate colour control

Direct replacement for a 400 watt MH with High Efficient Ripple Wide Optics. 400 watt equivalent coverage is 24″x24″ on a 30″ deep Tank…No other Domestic or quality LED Fixture comes close the this performance.

MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION 200 Watts with TWICE the PAR of other LED fixtures on the market AND MORE THAN 40% efficient than Hybrid LED with T5-HO or Metal Halide with T5-HO fixtures.**

Each Sirius XTC fixture covers approximately 24″ x 24″ with enough PAR to keep our clams happy on the sand bed! When hung 12″ over a 30″ deep tank PAR on the sand bed is 120 with default settings!!

Maximum coverage 36×36 for softies and low light corals when hung 42″ over the sand bed with ripple wide optics.

Wide angle reflectors are available for applications close to the water surface and penetration is 24″ or less is required.



Primary Binned LEDs w European Optics

Supplemental Spectrum LEDs arranged in seven clusters of three with each color having its own dedicated channel for ULTIMATE COLOR CONTROL!

Based on our research, documented and supported by numerous Marine Biologists, our  Primary Binned LEDs, offer optimal growth.

Now that we have growth covered we want our Reefs to look the best they can. Each person perceives colors in his or her own way, this difference can be very significant.  Our innovative 3 channel RGB supplemental arrays allow the end user to customize his or her lights perfectly to suit their taste.

We give you complete control to enhance the viewing experience and pleasure of your in-home reef.

You can also simulate the spectrum according to chosen depth and light penetration properties.


Choice of Case Colors


  • Obsidian Black
  • Arctic White
  • White Diamond (Silver Mirrored)


Out of Stock / Backordered will be shipped in 2-3 weeks.

For Custom Color Options, please inquire by contacting us.

3 year warranty…Salt Water Damage Not Covered…

**WARNING!!!**: If replacing Power Compact, T5 Lighting, or any other LOWER PAR UNIT(s)   PLEASE dial this Sirius XTC fixture back, or you may risk shocking your corals and livestock!!! Once acclimated your corals will have the best intensity and spectrum available in a LED Fixture on the market TODAY.

Note: Please put your Preference in Optics and Color in ordering notes…

XTC Presentation


Additional information


Arctic White, Obsidian Black, Deep Sea Blue, White Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Deep Emerald Green


80 Degree Reflector, Carclo Ripple Wide

8 reviews for Sirius XTC Reef LED Fixture

  1. Cherie

    I could never afford the right lights for a reef tank until now. Live rock and fish just don’t require the same intensity as corals and invertebrates. I needed to replace bulbs in my other lights and I found these Sirius XTC reef lights. They are awesome!! They run cool and there is no annoying fan running all the time. After I installed them,(easy) I was at my local pet store where I seen a sad Hammer Coral. The person helping me said please take this coral home with you, and that he’ll even give a 20% discount. How could I say no. Needless to say this is now one “Happy” Hammer Coral. I am so glad I got these lights, I can now develop the kind of reef tank I’ve always wanted.!!

  2. Seahorsed

    I bought a set for my new 105 gallon seahorse tank and they are great. All the corals I have in the tank are bright and look fantastic. I have moved corals from my reef tank that were not doing as well as they should and now they are happy. You can’t beat the price.

  3. Jankows

    Overall great light but when it was shipped to me I was missing any documentation and the reason for the 4 stars. It was frustrating at first I reached out to Bill ant it took him about 3 hours to respond. In that time I spent some time scratching my head, but did end up being emailed everything I needed to get it setup. Other that that I could not be happier with the XTC

  4. Teddy0003

    I have had marine aquariums for over 40 years. I waited for the LED technology progressed and also became more competitive. This is the most impressive lighting I have ever had for my aquarium. The lighting is beautiful with the beautiful blue lighting first coming on and then fades in and out in the morning and night. You can program the lighting setting to your needs. The lighting far exceeds any fluorescent lighting.

  5. Haley H.

    Excellent light Works very well and I love all the different settings and programs you can use to fit your tanks needs. I love the sunset and sunrise program and my fish do too

  6. Jack Freeman

    Let me start by saying I’ve had the same 65 gallon reef tank for over 12 years and can say I’ve never been happier with any single product as I am with this light. I’ve been running the same dual 175watt metal halide hood for the past 12 years with three 96 Watt power compact bulbs as supplement. This single light, using ten percent the power, easily replaced all three PC’s. Cycling through PC bulbs is a pain in the you know what, and the expense is astronomical. Most of my corals are sps and lps aside from a few softies down in the depths. I’ve never seen my reef shine like it does now! The corals just POP! Acros, Monties, Chalices, they all look beautiful! The polyp extension is improved and the growth tips are pushing nicely. A great response in just a week! They were begging for this light. As it ramps down at night to just the actinic lights the corals glo ramps up! Look away for fifteen minutes, and Bam!, a glowing light show! My actinic PC’s never did that. These light’s are now going to replace my halides for primary light, and the light Shines! Ha! Love the slow ramp up and down features, and my very few fish do too. If this light lasts at least a few years it will save me a ton of money, and the hassle of light replacement. Not to mention the consistent light output compared with the slow dimming over time of the PC bulbs is a definite plus. Cant wait to see what time will tell! So far, Love It! I just wanted to add a couple more exclamation points for good measure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS reefledlights Rocks

  7. Fredia Fries

    Excellent light Works very well and I love all the different settings and programs you can use to fit your tanks needs. I love the sunset and sunrise program and my fish do too

  8. Sharkies

    These Sirius XTC LED’s are the best lights I have ever bought.. I am so used to my AquaticLife T5’s and wow what a HUGE difference, let me tell you. It’s a little tricky setting them up but ones you have them dialed in; it’s a piece of cake. The great feature is they have an acclimation mode so your lights are all on @ 50% levels so you don’t have a major algae bloom. Highly recommend these lights.. As far as the mounting I went the 45” mount rail and extension and they look awesome.

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