CRI 47 LED Board


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The CRI 47 LED Board is the same LED Board used in our Sirius XTC Fixture.

The Primary Cree XT-E LEDs are binned for optimal intensity and spectrum.

Semi P2NU 410-420nm LEDs completes the perfect Grow Spectrum for Corals.

We optimized the layout to include 7 clusters of Cree XP-E2 RGB LEDs for colour rendering and complete control of looks without sacrificing growth.

With Carclo Optics this board can deliver more PAR than a 400 watt MH and cover an area of 24″x 24″ on a 30″ deep tank while consuming only 150 watts.

Without Optics coverage is 36″x 36″ with the intensity of a 175-250 watt MH


12 XT-E Royal Blue Binned D36 or 37

4 XT-E Cool White Binned 7.5K R4 or R5

2 XT-E Warm White Binned R4 or R5

6 Semi 410-420 NM  Min. luminous flux (radiometric power) 925mW@ 700mA

2 XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm

7 XP-E2 Red, Green & Blue RGB for ultimate colour control

Direct replacement for a 400 watt MH with High Efficient Ripple Wide Optics. 400 watt equivalent coverage is 24″x24″ on a 30″ deep Tank…No other Domestic or quality LED Fixture comes close the this performance.

MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION 200 Watts with TWICE the PAR of other LED fixtures on the market AND MORE THAN 40% efficient than Hybrid LED with T5-HO or Metal Halide with T5-HO fixtures.


Wide angle reflectors are available for applications close to the water surface and penetration is 24″ or less is required.



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Carclo Ripple Wide, No Optics