Cree XT-E Royal Blue 450nm


Use this LED as your primary grow LED for Corals and Macro Algae.

We choose the specific Bin of this LED that offers optimal actinic colour pop and intensity. We only accept this LED in D37/37 and Intensity Bin P01/Q01, Other Intensity Bins commonly found can be 20% dimmer.

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The Cree Royal Blue XT-E LED is a specially designed diode from Cree which delivers a very strong output of blue light at 445-465 nm and optimized for use in remote phosphor LED applications. Remote phosphor LEDs are those which have a coating of phosphors somewhat removed from the LED light itself, all white LEDs are a local phosphor design very much like fluorescent lamps have an outer coating of phosphor to produce white light of various colors. The new Royal Blue XT-E LED from Cree will be better able to produce white light by exciting phosphors in a remote design. Not only does the XLamp XT-E Royal Blue have exceptional output of 575-600mW at 350mA. Our binned spectrum of 445-455nm is great for both Photosynthesis and Colour Pop. We highly recommend this LED and its included in our top of the line Phoenix Kits as well our own ReefLEDLights line of Fixtures. If you want to grow coral this LED is your primary.

For the Marine Aquarium we recommend a 2:1 primary mix of Royal Blue with our Premium XT-E Cool White.

Recommended Drivers:

Inventronics 1100mA 6-12LEDs (Dimmable 1-10VDC)

MeanWell LPC35-700 3-12LEDs

MeanWell ELN30-48D 3-12LEDs (Dimmable 1-10VDC)

-MeanWell LDD HW 1000mA (Dimmable 0-5VDC PWM)

Max Current 1500mA

Recommended current 350-1100mA

Forward Voltage 2.85-3.4

XT-E Product PDF

XT-E Binning PDF



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