Cree CXA2530 5K 90+ CRI




The XLamp® CXA2530 LED array expands Cree’s family of high‑flux, multi‑die arrays, offering high performance in an easy‑to‑use platform. With XLamp LED lighting‑class reliability, the CXA2530’s uniform emitting surface enables both directional and non‑directional lighting applications and luminaire designs.

We Bin our CXA 2530s at R4 and 9o+ CRI so you have the most powerful plant grow light available.

The CXA2530 is rated for a maximum 1600mA and a maximum 42VF. The Meanwell LDD 1000mA driver is perfect for this LED as it is extremely efficient when driven at 60-70% of its maximum current.

115° viewing angle, uniform chromaticity profile.