CoolTron Fan

CoolTron Fan

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The Cooltron FD8025-68 series 12V DC cooling fan (P/N: FD8025B12W3-68-2NU) is 80x80x25mm and features a dual ball bearing with 7 blades, 4 poles, and a life expectancy of 60,000 hrs. The FD8025B12W3682NU is a lower speed fan that runs at 1500 RPM with a 15.1 dBA noise level and a maximum air flow of 18.8 CFM. This DC cooling fan operates at 8-13.8V with a power consumption of 0.96W. Operating temperature -10°C – + 65°C (14°F – 149°F).

  • 2 Standard + and – lead wires
  • Blades rotate counter-clockwise
  • Brushless motor
  • More efficient and accurate than brushed motors
  • Useful for power supplies & medical devices, as well as computers & cabinets
  • RoHS & CE certified
  • Rated IP 22


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