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12 Solderless Connector For Cree XP-G XT-E, XP-E and similar LEDs mounted to the standard 20mm Star. 4-40 Mounting Hardware Included. Uses 20ga Solid Wire. Easily Add Optics (Not Included)

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Solderless LED Holder for Cree LED’s

Cree works with; XT-E, , XR-C, XP-E2 and XP-Gs

(can only guarantee function with our LED stars…not for use with pre-tinned stars)

  • For use with lens holder 47.313.-3xx and carclo lenses
  • Contacts: CuSn
  • Housing: PBT
  • Screw fixing: for screws M3, 4-40 or #4 self-tapping screws with 3/32 hole.
  • Max. torque for screw fixing 0.6 Nm
  • Strip length: 6+1 mm
  • 20 gauge solid wire
  • Test ports
  • Polarity of LED must be observed
  • Specifications of LED manufacturer must be observed
  • 60 VDC Max
  • 2000mA Max current

Solderless connector must be screwed down to heatsink, it cannot be glued. You have to drill and tap heatsink yourself or save time and use our predrilled and tapped heatsinks. This is without a doubt the least complicated solderless build. Unlike those glue down stars with built in terminals and jumpers you can easily swap out a LED to tweak the colour and looks. BJB_brochure_LED_StarBoard_47_313-2010-04_english

Testing LEDs w BJB Connectors

Testing BJB Connectors Video

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  1. janwouterssss

    Would these connectors also work with Chinese no-brand LED 20mm stars? I’m thinking the center hole might have to be a bit bigger but that’s easily enough fixed..

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