1:9 Hydroponic LED Kit

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Primary Grow is based on the CRE CXA2530 Binned at 3K 95CRI. To this we optimize the natural grow by adding 660nm XP-E2, 450nm XT-E Royal Blue and XP-E2 Blue.

Cree CXA2530 3K 95CRI

The XLamp® CXA2530 LED array expands Cree’s family of high‑flux, multi‑die arrays, offering high performance in an easy‑to‑use platform. With XLamp LED lighting‑class reliability, the CXA2530’s uniform emitting surface enables both directional and non‑directional lighting applications and luminaire designs



CXA2530 Solderless Connector



Reflector for CXA2530


BJB Solderless LED Connector - Cree × 9

$0.88 / pc.

BJB Optics Holder × 9

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Carclo 10209 Ripple Wide Optics × 9

$0.98 / pc.


1:9 Hydroponics Heatsink

7.28"x 8" Drilled and Tapped for 1 CXA2530 and 9 Cree XT-E LEDs


Artic Alumina 14g


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4-40 Black Allen Head Screws Bag of 50


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CoolTron Fan

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Fan Power Supply DIY

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The Medusa × 2

$3.95 / pc.

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Mean Well LDD 700HW × 2

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Mean Well LDD 1000HW × 2

$7.95 / pc.

Mean Well RS150 48VDC Power Supply


Product Description

Our 1:9 Hydroponic LED Kit is based on the 95CRI Cree CXA2530 LED. This LED is as close to natural sunlight as it gets. We specifically Bin these LEDs at 3K 95 CRI. Other versions of the Cree CXA2530 simply do not replicate natural sunlight as well. To this we added 3 Cree XT-E Royal Blue, 3 Cree XP-E2 Blue and 3 Cree XP-E2 Photo Red to optimize photosynthesis. Thus 1:9. At only 75 Watts this rivals many Metal Halide Lamps and is perfect for a single Pepper, Tomato or other plant. With virtually no heat this is perfect for any indoor garden including Grow Tents.

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