12″ Makers DIY Phoenix LED Kit


Our Line of Phoenix DIY LED Kits include only the best parts… LED Assembly is easy with the BJB Solderless Connector. Why settle for a Generic Chinese Fixture that uses dated LEDs and non UL/CE listed components, when you can easily build and maintain a fixture using the Latest Binned Cree 5 and 10 Watt LEDs. Some of our DIY Kits are going strong after 7 Years. In the rare event a part would fail you can simply replace it. In many cases a driver failure in a generic fixture requires complete fixture replacement and the subsequent stress a light change would cause the corals.

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Our Deluxe Line of Phoenix LED Kits offer only the best most efficient parts.

Our LEDs are Binned for optimal spectrum and performance. We could choose a budget 3 watt LED to reduce cost but in reality using the latest Cree X series LED is more cost effective as you have greater output and lifespan given the same drive current. In addition to offering exceptional performance the Cree X Series Cool White is for the most part “Full Spectrum”. With our custom mix and binned of Cool White, Blue, Royal Blue and Photo Red LEDs you do not need extra Yellow, Green, Cyan or Lime colored LEDs to achieve the best looks.

Each Kit includes the BJB solderless connector which has proven itself in numerous applications. Unlike other solderless options the BJB solderless connector offers the flexibility of swapping out an LED at any time or the ease of snapping in an optic rather than gluing one on each LED.

Thermal management is key to the longevity of any electronic component. Each Kit is designed around the its heatsink and includes the appropriate fan combination to offer optimal thermal efficiency. The MakersLED Heatsink will give your DIY LED fixture a professional finished look. The unique t-slot features allow easy installation of the BJB Solderless LED Connector. The ability to swap out an individual LED or add more LEDs allows you to tune in your light fixture according to your taste, needs, and budget at any time. Unlike many EBAY Black Box  LED Fixtures, the Makers Heatsink offers you the backbone of a High End LED Fixture.

Our drivers are Meanwell LDD H. We chose these drivers as they are the best in the industry as they offer the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

The LDD Drivers can also be controlled by both the Storm or Makers Controller.

Why settle for Generic 3 Watt LED Fixture with questionable reliability, when you can choose your mix of the latest binned Cree 5 watt and 3 watt X series LEDs…In addition to the best LEDs we offer UL/CE listed MeanWell Power Supplies and Drivers for ultimate efficiency and safety..

Our drivers are Meanwell LDD H. We chose these drivers as they are the best in the industry as they offer the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. The LDD Drivers can also be controlled by the Storm Controler.

Depending on height coverage is Appx 24″ x 24″ Intensity is the equivalent of a 175-250 watt MH


The Kit Includes:

-27 LEDs

–4 Cree XM-L Cool White w 1000mA Mean Well LDD Driver

–12 Cree XT-E Royal Blue w  1000mA Mean Well LDD Driver

–4 Cree XP-E2 Blue w 700mA Mean Well LDD Driver

–5 Semi P2nU Violet 410-420nm w 700mA Mean Well LDD Driver

–2 Cree XP-E2 Photo Red 660nm w 700mA Mean Well LDD Driver

-27 BJB Solderless Connectors

-Choice of Solderless Driver Board

-Choice of Controller

–Storm or Storm X

— Makers Controller

–No Controller…Perfect for multiple fixtures…Driver boards require 5 VDC PWM control

-Choice of Optics w Holder

–Ripple Wide for Deep Tanks 24-36″ Deep

–Wide angle reflectors for Medium Tanks  12-24″ Deep

–No optics for mounting less than 8″ from the water surface.

-Mean Well RS 48-150 Power Supply

-12″ Heat Sink Housing

–Clear Anodized to protect finish and improve radiation heat transfer

–Acrylic Splash Guard

–Two Plastic End Caps

–Four Upper T-Slot Plugs

–92mm Fan 12V

–92mm Fan Cover

–Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware [on exposed parts – used to mount plastics]

–4-40 Screws and Nuts, enough for 25 LED’s

-20 Ga Solid Wire

8 Feet Wireless Sheathing


Note: Each LDD Driver can drive up to 15 LEDs

Note:  Hanging Kit available (sold separately)


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Storm Controller, Storm X Controller, Makers Controller, No Controller

Driver Board

Coralux 5 Driver Board, Coralux 6 Driver Board, Makers 5 Up Pro


Carclo Ripple Wide, Carclo Wide Angle Reflector, No Optics