P47 Retro Build Guide

ReefSpectrum P47 Retro Build Guide

Product Description

This is our P47 ReefSpectrum Fixture except without the housing and packaged in an unassembled DIY version for ultimate cost savings. We packaged this kit to be as basic and cost effective as possible. Designed to be mounted in an existing hood or stand alone. All Led Wires are labeled and arranged in four banks. Bank 1: 2 XP-E Blue Moonlight, Bank 2: 6 XP-E Blue 9 XT-E Royal Blue, Bank 3: 15 XT-E Royal Blue and Bank 4: 15 XT-E Premium Cool White. Assembly is very easy with our step by step online instructions. Build time is 60-90 minutes. The drivers can be controlled with an Apex, Reef Angel Analog, Manually or set to 100% on.

Performance is over 500 PAR @ 24″ (better than a 400 watt Radium) with Carclo Optics while only using 117 watts.


18″ Custom Drilled and Tapped Heatsink

P47 ReefSpectrum Circuit Board

3 Inventronics Drivers

3 Driver Plugs

Choice of Carclo Optics or Wide Angle Reflectors for optimal efficiency.

2 Eurostyle Terminal Blocks (Medusa)


Start with placing thermal paste behind each LED

Epoxy Spread RLL

. Then simply screw down the Circuit Board to the Heatsink using 4-40 screws after you run the wires through the two wire holes.

Wire Order RLL

Now secure the wires into the euro style terminal block using a small flat head screwdriver. It is very important to ensure the wire is tightly secured under the block. Failure to do so will result in a loose wire. A loose wire is very bad as it can cause the driver to surge and damage your LEDs. This will require the complete replacement of the Circuit Board.  Always give each wire a good pull to ensure its tight.

Wire Mount Rll

We chose to mount the terminal block on the side using one of our optional fan mounting kits. Wiring this retro kit is quite easy. The Circuit Board has the wires labeled.

Moon Light or M: Red + Black- Violet is optional dimming not used in this build.

Blue LED1 or RB1: Orange+ Green-

Blue LED2 or RB2: White+ Blue-

White LED or CW: Grey+ Brown-

Driver Wiring RLL

Here are the drivers connected. Each driver wire is labeled. The Black and White are the AC input. The Black Wire goes to the small prong and the White Wire goes to the large prong.

The Red Wire goes to the + LED Wire and the Black Goes to the – LED Wire.

DimCab Setup RLL

The Inventronics Driver has three control wires. Purple Analog +, Green Analog – and Yellow 10vdc for a potientiometer. When using the APEX or Reef Angel Controller cap the yellow wire.

If using the the optional APEX DimCab connect the Black Wire (Pin One) to the + Purple Wire. The Red Wire (Pin Two) to the – Green Wire. The Other Black Wire (Pin 5) goes to the other Purple Wire and the other Red Wire (Pin 6) Goes to the other Green Wire.

Optics or Reflectors are Highly Recommended. Here is a pic of the finished build with the Carclo 10170 Wide Angle Reflector. This Reflector with the Carclo 10566-TS holder increased the PAR measured at 24″ from 150PAR to 289PAR… Almost double! Our Standard optic the Carclo 10209 increased peak PAR to over 500!!!

Final Front

Along with the optional optics we added a standard Home Depot shelf bracket. This we attached with a standard 6-32 self tapping screw. This type of bracket was chosen as with a wood screw it can be easily mounted inside a wood canopy. It can also be bent so you can optimize the fixture by mounting it slightly forward and angling it towards the back. When you mount this ensure the Fan has enough room to ensure proper airflow. At least 1/2 inch is recommended. Below is a pic of one of favorite fans the NZXT 200mm. This over the top fan combined with out over the top heatsink will ensure you fixture stays more than cool to the touch allowing for increased LED efficiency and longevity.

Fan Pic