DIY Reef LED Kit

Our Deluxe DIY Reef LED Kit offer only the best most efficient parts.

Our LEDs are Binned for optimal spectrum and performance. We could choose a budget 3 watt LED to reduce cost for your DIY Reef LED Kit but in reality using the latest Cree X series LED is more cost effective as you have greater output and lifespan given the same drive current. In addition to offering exceptional performance the Cree X Series Cool White is for the most part “Full Spectrum”. With the proper mix and bin of Cool and Warm Whites you do not need extra Yellow, Green, or Red LEDs to achieve the best looks. For more information click here

Each Kit includes the BJB solderless connector which has proven itself in numerous applications. Unlike other solderless options the BJB solderless connector offers the flexibility of swapping out an LED at any time or the ease of snapping in an optic rather than gluing one on each LED.

Thermal management is key to the longevity of any electronic component. Our HeatsinkUSA heatsinks offer the best in surface area and mass. Each Kit is designed around the its heatsink and includes the appropriate fan combination to offer optimal thermal efficiency.

Our drivers are Meanwell LDD H. We chose these drivers as they are the best in the industry as they offer the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. The LDD Drivers can also be controlled by the Storm Controller.

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Showing all 6 results