Nano Tank LED Retrofit


The Nano Retro Kit offers the most current Cree 5watt LEDs.

Custom heatsink specifically designed for the BioCube and JBJ Nano tanks

Colour temp adjustable from 10-20K through high efficiency dimmable drivers.

Dimming is via 1-10vdc or manual potientiometer

LEDs are specifically binned for optimal looks and growth…We stamp the Bin on the LEDs so you know your only getting the best.

PAR is similar to a 175 watt MH while consuming less than 80 watts!

Heat is significantly less than a MH.

This Kit is based on our Popular Phoenix 25 DIY Kit.

Part List

Custom heatsink for Nano Hoods

Mounting hardware for Bio Cube

2 700mA dimmable drivers

2 Plugs

Thermal Paste

25 feet 20ga wire

Euro Style Terminal Block

25 BJB solder less connectors w screws

12 XT-E Royal Blue

3 XP-E Blue

10 XT-E Premium Cool White


Start by unplugging all electrical plugs and remove the hood.
BC Underside
BC Inside Start

Here is the hood cover removed. You start by taking everything out carefully preserving any connections as you might want to use or trade the parts at a later date. We kept the on/off switches and gutted the rest.

We then took the CNC Heatsink and verified the mounting holes. Over the years there have been several changes to the mounts. Our Heatsinks have numerous mounting holes that cover most BioCubes and JBJ Nanos but in some cases you may have to drill an extra mounting hole. With this exception use tracing or regular paper to make a template and simply drill an appropriately sized hole in the proper place.

Once the Heatsink mounts are verified lay out your LEDs and apply a small amount of thermal paste to the back. We started with the Blue and Royal Blue LEDs. The exact pattern is inconsequential as long as the LEDs are evenly placed to provide even coverage.

When placing the LEDs you might want to also consider the upcoming wiring by placing the positive (+) behind the negative (-) side.

Once the LEDs are positioned inspect the BJB solderless Connector. Ensure the contact tabs are extended so as to make contact with the stat. Also ensure the star is positioned properly under the BJB Connector. 99% of all problems occur when the Star is not positioned properly under the connector.

BC1 Thermal Paste
BC LED Layout

When you screw down the connector use just enough torque so there is no movement in the star. If the connector is loose you will not have a secure electrical contact and the LEDs may be damaged by the momentary contact. If you over tighten the hex screw you will damage the plastic connector.

We highly recommend using only 20ga solid wire (provided in kit) to connect the LEDs. Strip only 1/4″ from the end. If you strip too much you may have exposed wire. Not enough you may not have enough exposed wire to lock into the connector.  Ensure the wire into the connector is straight. a bent wire may not offer a good contact.

BC3 Blue WireBC4 Blue White Wire
After the initial wiring is complete its best to test each connection with a Volt/Ohm Meter. The BJB Solderless Connector has two test points. One positive (+) the other negative (-).

Once all connections are verified, mount the heatsink inside the empty hood.
Then use the Euro Style and the 12VDC power supply to connect the fans. In this build we chose to use an external 12VDC power supply. It is also highly recommended that the fans be upgraded. Depending on the age of the hood the stock fans may not offer the desired airflow or reliability. Flipping one fan so you have one blowing in and the other out is an option and depending on the hood may offer better flow and thermal efficiency.
BC Heatsink Mounted  BC Fan Wire On
Now is the time to connect the drivers. The Kit includes two Inventronics EUC-042DS Drivers. In this build we mounted the drivers inside the hood for a cleaner finished look. In this case you would want to keep the stock AC Of/Off switches. You may also want to remote mount the drivers. The advantage of this is you keep 110VAC away from the salt water and close to your controller.
BC Wiring
BC AC Driver HookupWe mounted the drivers inside with a two sided heavy duty tape from an auto parts store. The wiring my look complicated but if you look at it step by step its rather simple.
EUC-042S070DS 600
The wires are labeled on the driver. Here is a quick synapses of the wires from left to right.
White: AC Neutral (Attach to Large Prong)
Black: AC Live (Attach to Small Prong)
Black: LED – (Attach to LED – Side)
Red: LED + (Attach to LED + Side)
Grey: 0-10VDC – (Attach to – Output of Controller)
Purple: 0-10VDC +(Attach to + Output of Controller)
Yellow: 0-10VDC 10V Out (Used For Potientiometer)
Still Under Construction….More To Come…