ReefKeeper Dimming Setup

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Better version of this video comming soon. Just a temporary hold over for our customers.
MyReef Programming of ALC



While using the headunit to program the ALC Dim settings you will notice the first option is to set the “White Intentisity”
do not think of it as “white” or blue, but rather, “A Intensity”
Then set the Ramp time,
The next option is “blue intesnity” IgNORE this. Since one set of cables can only control one set of Drivers.


How to Adjust Your ELN-60-48 Driver

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[color_box title=”Adjusting the Output of the Mean Well Driver”]The CREE XR-E series of LEDs is rated for 1000mA max. By simply connecting our dimmable drivers to only 12 LEDs in series will overdrive them by 30% or more.

The Mean Well ELN 60-48 series of drivers have an internal rheostat or pot that you can turn counter clockwise to lower the output current.[/color_box]

Adjusting ELN 60-48D



You will need a standard Phillips screwdriver and a volt ohm meter. Simply start by unscrewing the four housing screws and remove the waterproof cover. Then turn the rheostat in the lower left corner full counter clockwise. This is the drivers lowest setting.




Once you have it powered up and you are showing a reading, slowly turn the rheostat clockwise till you have approximately 700-800mA. This is our recommended max setting as it allows for a buffer and driving your LEDs harder will lower their life span and not give you that much more light.

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[info_box]If you have any questions regarding this procedure please email us or call me at 309-LED-REEF.[/info_box]