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I have a big tank…

I’ve been into salt water tanks for over 25 years and Reef Tanks for over 20 years (17 years successfully).  The 17 successful years were the result of hard research and the help of many reef keeping forums. Through these years I’ve moved many times and finally have my dream setup.  Unfortunately the taxes here will force us to move as soon as the children are off to college. A bigger better more eco friendly build is in the planning.

My current tanks are a 570 Mixed and 330 SPS/LPS. They are both separate but use the same sump room via behind the wall PVC and relative low volume tank turn over (2-3x per hour). My sump room IMHO is the secret to a successful large reef with a lot less work. I’ve incorporated Steve Tyree’s tri-zonal method in the sump room. Some containers are cryptic with low flow and no light others have high light and high flow the in between is in the design.

Overall the volume in my sump room is over 2000 gallons. This volume negates any need for a chiller or heater as the room temp determines the tank temp. My tank is between 76-79 degrees. My House temp is 74 degrees in winter and 78 degrees in summer.

I like to KISS (Keep It Simple). Having a large sump room allows this and the extra water volume also allows for some extra forgiveness. I started with LEDs back in 2008 as an experiment. They grew Birds Nest better than my MH and the thing that sold me was the “Hiroshima” effect. On the frag plug the shadow was bare but were the light hit, there was significant red coraline growth. It was rather cool.

Our Parent Company is Captive Reef Ecosystems and we are dedicated to the Reef Hobby. All who I choose to work with have reef tanks. Some much better than my own. Some are even considered “Designer Tanks” with every coral hand picked with a lineage. The Reef Hobby is a wonderful experience. Here we can create the reef in our own home. Grow corals and anemones. See life prosper and reproduce. Then “we cut these animals into little pieces and glue them to rocks” and trade them at Frag Swaps.

Captive coral propagation saves our reefs and is the best way to have healthy acclimated corals. Its all about the life and the captive ecosystem.

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